New Year New Milestone!

After months of renovation works, we are proud to present our new branch office in Malaysia~

FEBRUARY 03, 2020

New Life for Old Building

Our creative design has been shortlisted by URA for the recent exhibition of Pasir Panjang historic building!

JANUARY 15, 2020

~Bele Time~ Our Project @ Country Garden Danga Bay Has Its Grand Opening on 13 Dec 2019

A year after our works and efforts together with client's design & project team, the Bele Time @ Country Garden Danga Bay has its Grand Opening on 13 Dec 2019!

DECEMBER 13, 2019

A Little Trick on Foods & Beverages

We always put extra efforts into every details to deliver more experience to guests, while keeping our investors in mind, too!

DECEMBER 10, 2019

Pick A Random - Creative BIM

Just a random pick to show some of our work in technical design! We produce BIM in all shapes than just typical architectural facility building!

DECEMBER 08, 2019

Pick A Random - Forest of Life

Just a random pick to show some of our work in creative design design! We present our design ideas through drawings than words!

DECEMBER 06, 2019

IAAPA Expo 2019 @ Orlando

We have had a fruitful week in Orlando for the IAAPA exhibition! Next, we will exhibit at Dubai Entertainment Amusement & Leisure (DEAL) Exhibition 2020 on March 23 - 25! Hope to see you all soon!

NOVEMBER 22, 2019

Wizarding World of Harry Porter

What an amazing world that absolutely immerse us fully, including the thrill rides and shows! Love it 3000 too!

NOVEMBER 21, 2019

Star Wars - Galaxy's Edge

Star Wars land has been brought from movie into real life!

NOVEMBER 18, 2019

Pandora - The World of Avatar

It is not what words can be described! Beautiful, stunning, amazing... Just love it too much!

NOVEMBER 17, 2019

Duck Vessels Visit

We have recently visited duck vessels supplier for their new build version of on a DUKW type Amphibious Passenger Vessel (APV) which looks like the old Wartime DUKW but has many new safety features.

NOVEMBER 13, 2019

Halloween Horror Nights 9 @ USS

We are designers, we are guests! Horror night may be scary, but we can scream, and we are not alone as we come as a team! Through the scenes behind, we learn; through the 'inside-the-scene', we experience; through the process, we grow and improve! Learning has no boundaries!

OCTOBER 05, 2019

BPCP Team Building | Team Bonding

After months of hard work, it's time to relieve stress!

SEPTEMBER 21, 2019

Yunnan Wildlife Park

A wildlife zoo in a mountain forest!

SEPTEMBER 10, 2019

We Proposed A Different Sentosa Island

From the point of its existing connectivity and visitor experience.

AUGUST 31, 2019

The Revamped Funan Mall

Shopping malls are revamped in order to keep up with changing shopping mall demands of consumers, or possibility of 'dying'.

AUGUST 18, 2019

Revisit to Sesame Street Dark Ride @ USS

It's still the most favourite ride for family with kids!

AUGUST 06, 2019

Our GM's First Experience On Rock Climbing

And yes, she made it to the top!

AUGUST 01, 2019

Explore HARBIN

JULY 20, 2019

BANGKOK ~ We are coming ~

JULY 10, 2019

Our Very First IAAPA Exhibition!

Thanks for all the supports! Come in to see more photos!

JUNE 14, 2019

2019 BPC + Hari Raya Aidilfitri Greetings

Wishing our Muslim friends and family a joyous celebration of Hari Raya Aidilfitri~

JUNE 05, 2019

Welcome to visit us at Booth No. 3131 / Hall W3

Let's meet and talk about creative ideas & solutions to bring you more inspirations!

See you soon!

MAY 25, 2019


Soft opening of Jewel Changi Airport! Let's take a look!

APRIL 13, 2019

Grand Opening of Poseidon Underwater World

And, Poseidon Outdoor Theme Park is in progress!

APRIL 6, 2019