TEAM Building | team bonding

September 21, 2019

After several months of hard work and overtime, we have decided to have a special day out for the team to relieve the 'might be' stressful work life, and make it more to work-life balance! LOL! As all of us are adult (also due to limited options of movie), we have decided to go with movie "Rambo: Last Blood" which has been categorised as red 18 [the film is only suitable for viewers aged 18 and above as it contains images of violence, horror and sex, as well as religious, political and social elements]. Indeed, its bloody and violence contains have led to the situation where some of our team members to 'shut' their eyes while watching, but contradictory, we heard some laughings from other team members too! Maybe the stress relief works on some but not all! It means we have actually achieved part of our goal? Good!

After the movie, we have moved on to our next session of stress relief - rock climbing activities! We have signed up for one hour session of TRY CLIMBING. No doubt, it is a 'try' climbing session where we are allowed to try out different level of climbing, starting out bouldering and eventually taken on 12m walls. Among the team, there is only one with extensive climbing experience, the rest of the team are almost new to the climbing! However, obviously that all of us are risk takers because everyone looks so excited to try it out! Great! Let's go and beat the fears!

Let's put on the accessories properly before entering to the 'war' field!

Despite we are all risk-takers, we have paid full attention to safety instruction brief by the instructors!

And, games start! We are newbies, we have no fears!

Let's move on to next level of climbing! We take on all challenges!

After 3 different levels from beginner to advance, we have finally taken off the safety rope and get on bouldering!

Upon completion of the one hour session, let's assembly and having a GROUP PHOTO! Say CHEESE!

After the exhausted yet enjoyable one hour climbing session, it's time to recover the energy! We all have a simple dinner at Sushi restaurant, and then, yes, we all dismiss and go home for resting, or move on to next party, whatsoever!

Thanks for the trying out without fears! Great job, team!

Last thing, let's work harder on coming Monday! LOL!