Pick a random - FOREST OF LIFE

December 06, 2019

When come to design, many people like present their creative ideas through words that trying to offer piece and pieces of imagination to the audience. However, it's easily to include all crazy ideas in words but the most difficult part is, everyone can talk big, but who is going to realise all the big talks into design and build? and after all crazy ideas come into one, is the "wording" imagination still a good and feasible design? Without having the design visualised, hardly anyone can answer that!

On the other hand, a good designer shall have the ability to visualise a design idea through imagination. Again, if a design ideas can be visualised through imagination, then it should not be a problem to be presented through drawings. After all, hand sketch is the best way to present imagination which making connections between visible and invisible! Hence, we used to use hand sketches / drawings to present our designs to ensure our design ideas reach our audience.

Below is our forestry theme design with combination of natural built up and environmental friendly materials to achieve a totally different feels for day and night view. When some may have concerns of high investment cost to produce the theming & effects, we are pleased to say that our creativity is not only limited to imagination, our creativity is extended to technology! We are creative imagineer who having engineering and implementation in mind during our creative design as early as master plan and concept design stages! Soon or later, we will further develop this concept into detail and technical design, by then we will reveal how do we realise this forestry design with value engineering and cost effectiveness.