a trick on FOOD & BEVERAGE in themed environment

December 10, 2019

One of the main purposes of "themed" entertainment is to allow guests entering into a different world. From the surrounding landscaping, environment, building, merchandise, fashions and etc, all are usually themed related. However, when come to food & beverage, we have noticed that many of the owners or designers focus more on the theming & facade of the restaurant / cafe / food carts, but not the foods & beverage themselves! Imagine if the lack of design or rather the usual "no design" of foods & beverage that have just pulled the guests from world of imagination back into realistic?

We always put extra efforts into every details to deliver more experience to guests, while keeping our investors in mind, too! With our storyline and characters design, we provide our F&B suggestions that helps to enhance guest experience, and so does the revenue for foods & beverage!

Below are simple examples of how we turn our characters design into food & beverages for a Family Entertainment Center (FEC) for family with kids. A small creative to creative benefits to both guests & investors!