Halloween horror nights 9 @ uss

October 05, 2019

Thanks to TEA for the event of Behind The Scenes at Universal Studios Singapore Halloween Horror Nights 9! Overall it's an excellent experience through the Behind The Scenes and the activities afterward! We all have been through the story telling, every single props & details through the behind scenes walk-through with explanation by experienced RWS 'tour guide', and follow by mixer dinner and finally the 'into-the-scenes" experience as Halloween Horror Nights starts...!

We have been led by a cute and friendly 'tour guide' explaining to us of the theme of Halloween this year, then bring us through the Curse of The Naga to allowing us to have a better understanding of the storyline, the design and overall set up that going to bring guests into the story and scenes! That's no photography or video allowed, hence we can only show the photos taken before and after the walkthrough of Curse of The Naga.

After Behind The Scenes, our team has been dismissed for free & easy time! So everyone has gone for their favourite rides before the horror night comes! Transformer, Revenge of The Mummy and Roller Coaster are in the priority list of teenages and adults, so do our designers! However, being a designer, family rides such as Sesame Street, Push In boots and etc are also in 'must-try' list!

During dinner time, we are all assembly and have our special dinner / mixer at KT's Grill Restaurant! At first glance, the restaurant has been nicely decorated!

But when take a closer look of the surrounding, OH MY GOODNESS! Look at the bloody chefs with creepy smile on the face! The chefs are very professional in welcoming the theme of Halloween! The creepy smile and fiercely eyes as well as the 'attacking' poses are ready for our photo shootings! The big knives are off the hands and friendly smiles are up during the food serving! HAHA...

During this Halloween night, horror foods are served!

Despite of horror foods, everyone has had a good dinner and getting new friends!

After dinner, we are all standing in the crowd waiting for the great Halloween night to come! Look at the crowd, the atmosphere, and the opening shows to welcome the horror night!

Once the horror night starts, the exciting crowd are rushing to haunted houses to experience the main purpose of being here in Halloween Horror Nights! So we do not follow the crowd, instead, we choose to sit down comfortably to enjoy the talk show of Skin & Bones, while getting our mood ready to have a scary scream later on!

Right after the show, we have visited all the haunted houses one after another, and yes ! We have experienced all of them and yes! We have had good scary scream, intentionally and unintentionally, together with laughters! Unfortunately, photography and video are not allowed. So, here are some scary / horror scenes that along the Hollywood Street with some actors on the street to frighten the guests!

So, what next? Hmm... We gonna have a meeting on coming Monday to get all designers to share their experience about this Halloween Horror Nights, to ensure everyone learns through experience...!