July 26, 2020

After months of MCO lockdown due to Covid-19 pandemic , we all agreed that it's time to have a getaway to a floating resort on the sea to enjoy 2Day 1Night short escape from city life!

On 24 July 2020, we all gathered at Kongkong pier as there would be boat to transport us to the floating sea resort! From the nice weather nice, we all felt so welcoming! and of course, look at our big smiles on face, we just could not wait to start our short journey to getaway from city life and embraced into natural environment.

With the nice weather and the young and energetic team, we decided to go for our first kayaking experience! For safety purposes, all life jackets were in placed and due to the first experience of kayaking, of course we had coaches to train and guide us throughout the kayaking experience! The funniest thing during the kayaking was, the rain started when the kayaking activity kicked off and the rain stopped when the activity over! However, the raining experience had recalled our long lost childhood memory where we used to enjoy playing and running in the raining.

As we were all the beginner to kayaking, we had missed the chance to kayaking around the surrounding mangrove. Luckily our tour guide was so helpful to bring us enjoying the beauty of mangrove by boat, and sharing with us of the knowledges of mangrove and the surrounding floating houses.

Apart from the excellent kayaking and mangrove tour experience, we had spent the rest of the time on the KK Sea Resort! To keep guests busy, KK Resort do provide meals, karaoke room, mahjong games and etc to play, as well fishing rod and bait for guests to fishing. We had rented the fishing rod to experience the fishing and the team got excited when anyone managed to catch the fish.

The next morning, we gathered together and had a breakfast which prepared by resort. Before going back to Kongkong pier, some of us drinking tea while chatting and some of us playing mahjong. After everyone had pack up the luggage, we went back to the Kongkong pier by boat and our trip ended here.

Despite of a short getaway, it's great to see that our team had enjoyed the activities together, with less time on the phone. We really enjoyed the short experience of back to nature!