“ I would not forget my experience in USJ, not just that I had immersed into the amazing atmosphere, I also lost my wallet in the park

By: HongYu Choo

September 08, 2020


Universal wonderland is an area located next to Guest Services. This stop is highly suitable for guest who have kids or in a family with elders. There are family-friendly restrooms, food courts, Small rides for kids and amenities that could fulfill a kid’s demand or desire to play. Parents could just watch their kids from afar while resting on a bench.


The first stop is snoopy area. It was a fine view as the joyful laughter echoed through the atmosphere. Kids that were unable to participate in roller coaster rides could have a go with this equipment as there is no height restrictions. The movement and sense of going upwards and downwards might just give the little ones a jolt!


The vibrant aura and people coming out with delicacies gave me nothing but one answer in my mind, ‘’A food court was around the corner’’ I had a strawberry Crepe and it was superb!


After that, I came into a Town filled with PINKNESS. Everyone were taking photos or posing with the characters. There were shops that were decorated in hello kitty style theming, but I had not the curiosity nor the courage to venture.


I noticed there was this Cupcake Ride which was suitable for any age. There were couples, kids or even Families riding the Cupcake ride . It looked so silly ,spinning round and round in a bright yellow ad blue cup with a pink icing umbrella above but nevertheless, everyone had a beaming smile after getting of the ride.


This is a small area located on the upper grounds from Sesame’s Big Drive. There were water flows that shoot out rhythmically towards the center. Love to watch, did not play because I did not bring spare clothes. :^)


Before I got into sesame street, there really was the vibe of immersing me into a cartoonish adventure. The store, buildings, whole scenery, had a distinct effect of wrapping your imagination into the mood.


This slide was located in on the lower grounds near the very end of Wonderland.

I thought it was a pretty fun slide as it was connected from the higher level to the bottom level. The Slide distance is quite long despite the looks. The only part that was un-motivating is that it’s energy draining. There is a slightly long distance to go there from the bottom ground.


This was the last part in wonderland. It is as well located at the very end of Universal Wonderland. I love this area the most as it had the best view among all others. This attraction is mainly featured for elementary school students in a car driving through the central Park of New York city. The area was not as crowded and I had a good time replenishing energy on a bench while gazing at kids having fun.