yunnan wildlife PARK

September 10, 2019

Being a Theme & Entertainment Designer, we have never stopped exploring tourist spots around the world! In addition, prior starting or during the design stage of a new project, we will always create opportunity to explore the local theme & entertainment tourist spots to ensure better understanding of local culture, knowledge, and its own characteristic and speciality, in order to create a better products that attracts not only tourists, but also local residents! Recently, our team have just made a special trip to Yunnan Wildlife Park!

Yunnan Wildlife Park is a zoo in mountain forest zoo, which is featuring wild animals domestication, breeding, viewing and display, highlighting Yunnan's unique animals. The entire park has planned to fully utilise its nature "mountain forest" to make it a real home for wildlife animals, where the park recreates the original ecological landscape, implements naturalised stocking and polyculture and imitates the space of the original ecology. The purpose is to provide a good living environment for the animals, meanwhile allowing visitors to enjoy the wildness and origin of animals.

Throughout the park, visitors are having chance to interact with animals through feeding experience. This kind of interactive experience is much welcome by families with young kids.

Below are some animals that catching more visitors' attention. It could be the cuteness, special characteristic, or group interactive among its kind that catching the eyeballs of visitors!

Especially the red panda who proudly showing its perfect catwalk back-and-forth have received cherishes and admires among the visitors!

Apart from animals, there are also some areas filled with birds, which include a big group of flamingo, Yunnan Kunming specialty eagle (which called DIAO in Chinese) and other bird species. However, unlike other parks like Singapore's Jurong Bird Park where most of the bird species are having their life naturally in the park with total freedom, it's sad to see the eagle claw is locked and wings of other birds are cut, to prevent them from leaving the park.


Unfortunately, due to the raining day and it's mountain forest that require long and uphill walk, we did not manage to visit the entire park which we have been told that there are more than 200 species with more than 10,000 wild animals or scattered, or separated from the mountain forest! And the most important is that we have missed Giant Panda Museum and Lion Mountain!

Anyway, during the visit, we have noticed that the park has not been well-managed. In addition, the initial intention of making this mountain forest a real home to those animals to live in freely and wildly have not been fully achieved. With the advantages and strengths of its natural environment, natural resources, size and land terrain, there are rooms to make the park a better wildlife forest! Looking forward to it!