the revamped funan mall

August 18, 2019

In digital world, consumers has changed the way they research, value, and purchase a product, and the old day’s passive behaviour has changed towards active behaviour which has re-positioned themselves from the bottom of supply chain to the top of supply chain. Consumers are able to do shopping online with comparison for best value with a smartphone on hand. So, why do consumers bother to go shopping in malls, if that's the only reason to buy a product or service? Shopping today is much more than just buying a thing! For instance, it’s the experiences in Disneyland that attract visitors to visit the park, following by dining and shopping while they are there. Hence, it is an experience itself that drawing in visitors. Shopping malls have to be able to keep up with changing shopping mall demands of consumers, or possibility of 'dying'.

To stay competitive and attractive, there have been several revamp projects in Singapore such as Century Square, Northpoint City, Downtown East, Vivocity where major renovations and extensions had been done in 2018. Then in June 2019, formerly known as Funan DigitalLife Mall -- completed in 1985, a place where Singaporeans used to shopping for tech and IT products, has just reopening after a revamp. With our recent visit to Funan Mall, the mall is different and outstanding from any other shopping mall in Singapore. It is fully transformed from a IT hub into a lifestyle mall that allows visitors to live-work-play within a busy business district.


Inside Funan, there are many retail pods used for workshops and pop-up stores. Unlike many other shopping malls used to be neat and tidy in visual, those retail pods that creates a very nice visual experience to attract visitors to pay a second view or desires of getting into the open concept of pop up stores!


There is always limited seating area inside typical shopping malls, because it is always preferably to let visitors walk around the mall to spend money for products and services. However, there is indoor amphitheatre that can seat around 150 people in Funan Mall! It's like welcoming everyone to come to the mall, not necessary to spend money, but to enjoy the atmosphere with their free time in group or individual.


There is Climb Central rock climbing wall set up in the middle of the mall. Instead of spending money in decorative and theming to enhance visual experience of visitors, the rock climbing wall with colourful rocks and climbing activities is kind of decorative and theming with effective functionality which attract visitors' eyeballs as climbing activities are happening at where everyone can see from all levels.


Indoor cycling paths are marked out on the ground within the mall to enable cyclists to access Funan with their bikes! Cyclists are allowed to ride their bikes through the first floor of the mall from 7am to 10am, with limited speed of 10km/hour. There is also Bicycle Hub at the mall to allow cyclists to park at their convenience.


At the roof top of the mall, there is a 5,000 sq ft Urban Farm is operated by Edible Garden City to provide educational experience to visitors where there are different types of vegetables, fruits, plants with name and briefing, as well as motivation of self-sufficient by growing food in under-utilised spaces.

Apart from that, there are swings for visitors to relax and sit on to enjoy the breeze at rooftop, or play some ball.

Apart from that, there are swings for visitors to relax and sit on to enjoy the breeze at rooftop, or play some ball.