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confidential stage

Our teams are working directly with client on master planning and concept design with storyline. This is an existing mixed development project consists of residential towers and shopping mall with typical layout that requires theme and entertainment elements to make it stand-out from surrounding competitors.
By taking the advantage of its location next to seaside, the guests will experience the adventurous from ice slowly into land and finally reaching the sea.



Our team in collaboration with client, specialty consultants and contractors to provide art directions and consultancies, to ensure design work to be realised with world class standards.
The FEC is inside the Colourful Yunnan Paradise outdoor theme park, featuring with rides and attractions for families with small children to teenagers. As a family fun center, it is geared toward edutainment experiences together with family bonding activities rather than simply amusement

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sesame street RETAIL STORE

Our Design Principal in collaboration with entertainment specialty consultants from concept to completion. Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase is an indoor suspended dark ride space mission combining animatronic which is appealing to a family friendly demographic especially young kids. The indoor retail of Sesame Street is just right after the exit of the suspended dark ride with a wide range of Sesame Street merchandise.