This is currently in design development at creative concept stage, which our team has been engaged directly by client for master planning and all design stages, till the completion of construction.
The client / developer is looking for a fully new, special, non-typical water park design, which is usually built outdoor with many slides and themes. Hence, with creative ideas, we design the park to have special water slides and other features, yet allowing guests to enjoy the park with special visual effects and enhance guest experience by giving the impression of "THIS IS NOT JUST A WATER PARK".

legoland water park


Our design team in collaboration with turn key contractor to provide creative concept design on thematic enhancement and directions.
The Legoland Water Park with Lego-themed was officially open in 2013. The water park is adjacent to Legoland Theme Park, the first international theme park in Malaysia, which was opening on 2012. The water park is designed to involve children in the creative world of LEGO, while allowing adults to have excitement time, as the park is geared with more than 20 thrilling slides, ultimate fun and adventures. From building own boat at Build-A-Boat, it also allows guests to customise their own raft with colourful Lego Bricks at Build-A-Raft and ride it all the way at Lazy River. Apart from these, there are also Splash Pool, Ride Racers, Flow Pool, Joker Soaker, Imagination Station, Brick Blaster, Wave Racers and etc where guests can spend hours to enjoy their time.



Our Design Principal in collaboration with entertainment specialty consultants for the arkworks and directions. Adventure Cove Singapore is located at Resorts World Sentosa, an integrated resort on the Sentosa Island of Singapore. The park is an aquatic park with seven water slides, including the region’s first hydro-magnetic coaster, Riptide Rocket, suitable for every adventurous waterlover. It also features a 620-metre (2,030 ft) river, being one of the world’s longest lazy-rivers, have 13 themed scenes of tropical jungles, grottoes, a surround aquarium and more.