While doing the design for snowpark, R&D of snow and ice theming products becoming extremely important. It helps to make the overall costs effectiveness, especially from the usage of energy and without losing the overall attractiveness.
Therefore, we have developed the best snow and ice theming effects, which can be used indoor as well as outdoor into any form and shape to provide extraordinary guests experience. It makes guests to believe from what they have seen despite the weather is in otherwise.


We are engaged directly by client to plan and creative design an indoor snow-park from master-planning till the completion of as built stage.
Works are involving all kinds of design stage, new material R&D, new ride equipment design, production of scaled model & video fly through, technical specifications, building information model (BIM), quality control and onsite art directions.
Totally a new record to be out of typical snow-park design.

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Our teams are working directly with client from master planning to concept design. This project site is located at where the climate is around 30 degree celsius all year round where the client wants to bring the snow and winter feels into tropical countries!
The creative concept is surrounding with local culture with injection of story line to make it fun and enjoyable to local residents, while making it interesting to tourists to learn more of local history and culture.
Moreover, several outdoor activities have been brought inside the park to allow guests to enjoy the sports without exploring to hot weather.
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Our teams are working directly with client from master planning to concept design for BeleTime, a lifestyle and entertainment mall. This Snow Themed FEC is the first with snow & ice theme within a shopping mall in Malaysia.
It has brought many fun and joy to local guests, where some of them, who has never experienced it before. They are able to see real snow and hold them on hands or play it with family and friends.