SNOW park projects

Confidential stage

Working directly with client from master planning to concept design.

This project site is located at where the climate is around 30 degree celsius all year round where the client wants to bring the snow and winter feels into tropical countries! The creative concept is surrounding with local culture with injection of story line to make it fun and enjoyable to local residents, while making it interesting to tourists to learn more of local history and culture. Moreover, several outdoor activities have been brought inside the park to allow guests to enjoy the sports without exploring to hot weather.

Apart from the creative concept, natural lighting and weather analysis well-studied in BIM, as early as master planning stage, to ensure necessary location of additional insulation wall be set for covering the snow area to hinder cool air loss.

Overall throughout the master planning and concept design, the operations and costs effectiveness are well considered while guest experience are being emphasising!

snow & ice effects

While doing the design for snow park, R&D of snow and ice products to make the overall costs effectiveness without losing the overall theming effects.