family entertainment centRE projects

confidential stage

Working directly with client on reorientation and repositioning of multi-storey car park with creative concept.

This is an existing multi-storey car park with a open rooftop terrace, located at a mature town with full amenities such as hotel, supermarket, restaurants and etc. Without having to overturn the building, the full functionality and existing structure are fully re-use effectively and turning it into a family entertainment center that covering from young kids to adult in one roof.

confidential stage

Working directly with client on the master planning and concept design within an existing shopping mall.

The project is located within busy city life with a four season climate, where the people are missing rainforest. Hence, a rainforest family center is designed within a shopping mall with attractions to allow bonding and rapport integration between family and friends.

confidential stage

Working directly with client on master planning and creative concept design existing building integration with theme and entertainment.

The redevelopment project is to make over existing building due to increase competitive among shopping mall around the region. As the project site is located near to seaside, a concept of ship is designed into a north pole station with eye catching and yet cost effective transformation.