Theme & entertainment Design



Started with Universal Studio Singapore project in 2008 where our design & build involvement from technical design to construction until completion and operations have enhanced our experience and knowledge in related to international IP branding and world class theme park that emphasising guest experience while taking care investors' investment. Back to design studio and drawing board, together with our workshop and R&D technique and process, we are ready to serving our clients with tailor-made designs while taking consideration of investment including land requirement, location, climate, buildability, authorities requirement and etc., however, without forgetting to immerse guests into worlds of imagination, fun & escapism.


Water Park requirement can be different due to location, culture and climate. It can be categorised into indoor, outdoor and integrated (with other functions). While indoor water park is usually proposed to 4 seasons project sites for maximising its operation hours throughout the seasons, outdoor water park is proposed to Southeast Asia where is mainly tropical–hot all year round. On the other hand, integrated water park usually provide more entertainment such as retail, F&B, sports, tropical forest, seaside to make it more of multi usage facilities. After all, Water Park does not only design with thematic for visual experience, the creativity and functionality are essential for guest experience.


Traditional Ocean Park is more of sea life conservation and educational purpose for next generation, and usually the guest experience is walking through with visual attraction that hardly attract returning guests. However, our Ocean Park designs, without losing visual effects, focus on theme & entertainment in addition to client's investment for new and creative attractions with more interactive experience between sea life and guests, to provide more impressive guest experience for both new and returning guests. Apart from keeping sea life, we always encourage our clients to consider freshwater life and wildlife that able to provide more close interaction with guests.


Outdoor Snow Park is commonly copied and rebuilt into indoor for making convenience access to the public to enjoy indoor ski, slide and visual effects. This could be attractive in some countries, however, not for those with snowing seasons because imitated snow park is hardly compete with outdoor natural environment, view and atmosphere. Hence, we do not copy, yet focus on the most creative design of snow and ice, for both indoor and outdoor Snow Park, with technology to provide new experience to guests. In addition, we can even breakthrough the extreme outdoor environment to ensure extra safety, be it sport or competition, with innovative tools, rides, games, equipment to achieve totally extraordinary.


With modern world and technology, many basis living requirement can be achieved through pressing button and internet access. Relationship bonding through physical activities such as family shopping or gathering has been losing its attractiveness as many are living within the world of technology. Therefore, our design of FEC is always focusing on recovering or recreating bonding relationship among families and friends through interactive and connectivity throughout the activities and fun time together for both kids and adults. It can be through different interactive activities which we put inside the family center.


The attraction design is playing the most important part of any leisure and entertainment facility or park. It makes visitors to return again, because they cannot find the same in else where. Therefore, we create who has never created and we make customised products to have better bonding to target visitors and fully utilise any surrounding resources available. Our designs are tailor-made according to the investment, land condition, and positioning of the attraction.